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Best Baby Bouncers Reviewed: Buying Guide

Best Baby Bouncers Reviewed: Buying Guide

Best baby bouncerBaby bouncers have been one of the most popular baby items for a very long time: they are great for keeping children entertained, allowing them to build strength, and some even feature educational toys on them.

For parents looking to buy a new baby bouncer, it is important to look over the different types of bouncers available to help decide which one is best for your family. It is crucial to not only look at cost, but also the different ways each one can benefit the child, and also practical points like how much space is available in the home.

Find out more in our baby bouncer reviews below.

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Best baby bouncers compared and reviewed

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Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo Review

The Fisher-Price Jumperoo is a great alternative to a baby swing when your child is old enough to support their own head weight. The Jumperoo is a feature-packed activity centre and bouncer in one with many activities to keep your child entertained.

The Jumperoo is based on a jungle/animal theme and there are two mobiles above the seat plus five different activity stations that your child can spin 360 degrees in the seat to access. The mobiles are great for your baby to be able to hit and reach up to. There are music and lights that your child can activate plus there is also an option for the parent to activate for around 4 minutes of sound.

The Jumperoo can be adjusted in three different positions depending on your baby’s height, however, some users have commented that for smaller children they still require some under-foot support even on the lowest setting.

Practicality wise, the seat cover can be removed for cleaning and the Jumperoo is easy to assemble. Bear in mind though that, like most other activity centres, this is a large piece of equipment that will need a decent amount of room. Also, although there are clips on the base, this will not fold completely flat.

The Fisher-Priced Jumperoo is a competitively priced activity bouncer that should keep your child very entrained as well as encouraging their development.

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BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft Review

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One of the highest rated chair baby bouncers currently on the market comes from Baby Bjorn. The Bouncer Balance is certainly not the cheapest available, expect to pay around £100, but has many thoughtful design features and Baby Bjorn’s usual high quality.

The Bouncer Balance has three different seating positions – play, rest and sleep and these can easily be adjusted without disturbing your child. This is a great product for families who are on the go, as it the seat also folds nearly completely flat for travel. The bouncer can also be used as a more upright chair (with the safety harness removed) when your child has more independence. The seat cover can also be removed for washing.

There is no vibration function on this seat, instead, the Bouncer Balance relies on the child to make the rocking movements, which is better for their long term development. There are no toys included with the Babysitter but a wooden toy achievement is available for around £25, which again seems expensive if you have just paid £100 for the seat alone! Our advice would be to find cheaper toys that can attach to the seat.

The recommended age range of the Balance is 0-2 years so although its an expensive initial investment, it may well work out equivalent to buying separate, cheaper bouncers.

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Lindam Jump About Plus Bouncer Review


The Lindam Jump About Plus is a “no frills” door bouncer that is often available for less than £25. The Jump About Plus does not come with any toys attached but this is to be expected at this price. The seat itself is well padded and the straps are adjustable along with the seat back buckle. Although the front and back areas are well padded, the sides could do with slightly more cushioning.

As with all door baby swings, it can take some practise to get your child into the seat and well secured. The maximum weight range on this bouncer is 12kg (26.46 lbs).

The only complaint with the Jump About Plus is the noise it makes from the spring when the child is bouncing. It can be common for door bouncers to “squeak” and the Lindam is no exception – it may annoy you but your child should not notice.

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Types of baby bouncers

Door bouncers

Door bouncers are made specifically to go in doorways and work by attaching on to the trim of the doorway. Door bouncers are a great option if affordability is important in your decision making. They are great for homes that offer less space, and they are also a wonderful option if you have an active child who enjoys being in the bouncer often. Things to watch out for are the noise of the spring, correct fitment to doorframes and potential (minor) damage to the frame.

Chair bouncers

Chair bouncers are a form of baby bouncers that feature a reclining seat that works with the child’s weight. These bouncers can usually be used both indoors and outdoors and are a great option for young children who can’t necessarily hold up their own head. These often can range from basic to top of the line bouncers with additional features such as built-in toys and electronic vibrating functions. Look for a chair bouncer that offers the biggest age range so it grows with your child. If you intend to travel a lot, also look for chairs that can fold flat

Bouncer Activity centres

Baby bouncer activity centres are wonderful multiuse toys. An activity centre usually features a bouncing seat, toys surrounding the child that often light up or make music. These are great for families who want to give their child an opportunity to strengthen their legs and develop while being very entertained. Activity centres tend to be more expensive than door bouncers or seats and, like door bouncers, your child will need to be able to support their own head weight. They also take up a lot of space and often don’t fold up for transportation.