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Best Double Buggy: Buying guide

Best Double Buggy: Buying guide

Best double buggyDouble buggies are great for parents of multiple children. They can make running errands and travel easier to accomplish. A double buggy can seat children tandem; side by side, or with one child in front of the other. Each method offers its benefits, and you’ll want to consider which style will work best for your family and its needs.

These are a valuable item for parents or caregivers who don’t wish to be limited to the home. With a durable and dependable buggy, caring for multiple children and finishing tasks becomes much easier.

Our guide below shows the best double strollers plus what to look for when buying.

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Best selling double buggies compared and reviewed

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Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair Review

A best seller but is it the best tandem stroller? For starters, this buggy has a stacked style with one child sitting in front of the other. The Graco Stadium Pushchair is easy to manoeuvre and is meant for children aged three and under. Parents of siblings close in age would highly benefit from this model with its cushioned seats.

The rear seat of this model reclines fully for sleeping babies, but the front chair can be used at age six months. The large storage container under the buggy gives plenty of room for shopping bags, or changing and feeding supplies.

The Graco Stadium has “stadium style” seating, with the rear seat being set slightly higher than the front. This way neither child’s view is obstructed. The three point harness provides a safe and comfortable fit for both children. Both seats also have a footrest and canopy for comfort. This is a good choice for younger siblings.

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Cosatta Supa Dupa Twin Stroller Review

This stroller is specifically geared towards families of twins. Designed to be both functional and adorable with a variety of cute themed patterns. Parents will appreciate the side to side seating that allows for the siblings to still see each other and connect even while in the stroller. Both seats are easy to recline and can be done so using only one hand.

The Cosatta has comfortable features with cushioned shoulder pads, head hugger, and a rain cover. In addition to being comfortable, these seats slide off for easy cleaning.

One added bonus about this double buggy, is the mini MP3 speaker. A small pocket in the hood holds a mini speaker that easily connects to audio devices. This can be especially helpful for children who enjoy falling asleep to lullabies. This model also has multiple reclining options, and can lay back flat for new-borns.

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Joovy Caboose Double Buggy Review


The Joovy Caboose is a double buggy that works well for children who are further apart in age. The front part is geared towards the younger child and has three positions available for recline. The front seat of the stroller can be used with a car seat adapter that is included in the purchase, making it a good choice for parents of infants.

This buggy offers the older sibling the opportunity to choose between sitting, walking, and standing. The snack tray also removes easily. This fame is lightweight, but built durably.

The underneath storage basket works well for a few shopping bags, or necessary supplies. This simple design works well for short trips out, or for holidays away from home because it is easy to transport.

While in use the buggy manoeuvres fairly easily and has brakes that can be used to prevent the buggy from rolling away. Looking for the best double buggy for toddler and newborn child? Then the Joovy is well worth trying.

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What to look for when buying a double buggy

Choosing the best twin buggy is an important step for many families. There are many things to consider before making a purchase but here are some of the more important features to be aware of.

Seating Style
Double buggies come in a few different styles. Each family will have their own preference for the seating style. Side to side seating works well for siblings who are close in age, it offers them more chances to interact. A stacked seating option, however, may be easier to manoeuvre in tighter spots. Consider both the age of the children and your lifestyle before deciding. Have a look at the Graco Stadium if you are looking for one of the best tandem pushchairs.

Ease of Use
The ease of use is just as important as the style of the buggy. For families who enjoy being on the go and are looking for the best double pushchair, an easy to use model will make travelling much easier. For other families, ease of use may not be as important.