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Best Electric Breast Pumps: Buying Guide

Best Electric Breast Pumps: Buying Guide

Best electric breast pumpElectric breast pumps are a useful device for mothers who are breastfeeding. For mothers who work, go to school, or who require spending some time away from home, these can be especially useful in continuing to provide milk for their children.

Systems vary in ease of use and portability; there are some models that can be used on both breasts simultaneously to save time, while others only have a one pump option. We have highlighted a few below as well as a few things to consider when purchasing an electric breast pump.

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Best selling electric breast pumps compared and reviewed

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Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump Review

This electric breast pump system is currently one of the top selling in its category. The Medela electric breast pump has easy to follow instructions and can be transported with little issue. This model pumps one breast at a time and requires four lithium batteries to be used, making this a better option for on-the-go women.

The Medela Swing breast pump has multiple vacuum levels for personalised comfort. It works to extract milk efficiently using Medela’s 2-phase expression technology; this mimics a baby’s natural feeding process and has been proven to help produce more milk than previously designed models.

This Medela breast pump model is ideal for daily use and also includes a few accessories to help make pumping easier, such as the belt strap which allows you to move around while pumping. Not the cheapest electric breast pump but a very highly rated model.

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Philips AVENT Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump Review


The Philips AVENT Comfort (model SCF332/01) is designed with comfort in mind. The unique design allows the user to lean back comfortably and the pump is easy to use and offers three different vacuum settings. Cleaning is also hassle free with this design as small parts in the device keep the milk from coming in contact with the tubing and base unit.

One bonus feature with the Philips Avent electric breast pump is the ability for this pump to be used with batteries or plugged into a mains outlet. The tube of the device also wraps securely around the main base for easier transport. The massage part of the breast pump is designed with silicone and a natural shape to stimulate milk product.

This Philips Avent breast pump is compatible with many popular bottling sets currently available. Included with the pump is a natural shaped teat to help avoid nipple confusion in children.

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Ameda Purely Yours Lactaline Electric Double Breast Pump Review


For women who are seeking a dual breast pump, this model is a great choice. The Ameda double electric breast pump uses hospital breast pump technology and can be used simultaneously on both breasts or one at a time.

The main device offers plenty of suction and speed settings providing a total of thirty-two different settings for a custom experience. The settings can also be adjusted for each breast to promote milk production.

This model is ideal for moderate to frequent home use; it can be used with batteries or with the AC adapter, and the battery life on this model can last up to an hour and a half. This Ameda model uses BPA and DEHPA free plastic for all parts that come in contact with the milk.

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Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump Review

This breast pump is designed to give mothers that natural feeling by mimicking the baby’s natural feeding. With it, you get improved expression, something that few breast pumps have the ability to provide. This is a pump that provides the convenience of a zero-percent backflow – the result is improved efficiency that matches the need of mothers who want to express milk quickly.

The suction phase is adjustable to four different settings. This means that you can select the setting that’s most comfortable for you. Moreover, the adjustable mechanism gives the you full control over the flow. And you’ll definitely love the silicone cup that’s designed to provide optimum comfort. This electric breast pump comes as a kit that comprises of Microwave Sterilizer-Box, Milk Storage Pot, 150 ml Bottle, and 6 Breast Pads. In this kit you’ve got everything you need for that ultimate baby feeding experience.

This breast pump can be operated on the go, thanks to its improved portability that’s made possible by the lightweight design. You can use it virtually anywhere, whether at home or during travel. The pump has a more flexible power option that lets you use mains power or battery. This Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump is an innovative and comfortable option for mothers looking for a great value breast pump.

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What to look for when buying an electric breast pump

When looking at the best breast pumps, there are many features you will want to consider.

Where will this be used?

It is best to take into account where and when the electric breast pump will most be used. For instance, mothers who require a larger supply of bottled breast milk may want to choose a model that pumps both breasts for maximum time efficiency.

Charge Options

Another feature to consider is the method of charge the electric breast pump requires. Some work only through an AC adapter, other models have car chargers available for purchase. If you need a model that is highly portable, a battery option may work best.

One or Two Pumps?

Some women prefer a system that works quickly for daily use, while other women may choose to only use the breast pump as needed. A dual pump works quickly but can often be costly and too large to carry out frequently.