Home Health & Beauty How to choose the best epilator for face and body: Buying Guide

How to choose the best epilator for face and body: Buying Guide

How to choose the best epilator for face and body: Buying Guide

Best epilatorWhen looking for a great epilator, it is strictly about personal preference and comfort. An epilator is an electronic device that removes hair by pulling it out at the root. It is quite similar to waxing without having to put hot wax on your body. Often times, using an epilator is much more cost effective than waxing.

Several different manufacturers make high quality products including Braun. Braun is a German-based consumer product company that manufactures skin and hair care products. They manufacture a great selection of hair removal with a good range of features.

The thought of pulling your hair out by the root makes some people cringe. However, using an epilator really is not that painful and is a longer lasting solution to unwanted hair removal. Also, most epilators come with tips for pain relief or offer cooling massage bags and lotions to aid in pain relief.

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Best Selling Epilators Compared and Reviewed

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Braun Silk Epil 5 SE5780 Review

For long-lasting hair removal, the Braun Silk Epil 5 SE5780 is an amazing product that can find even the tiniest of hairs. In fact, it can find hairs that are the size of a grain of sand with its smartlight technology.

It comes with five attachments which are as follows: a shaver head, trimmer cap, sensitive area cap, facial cap and the massage cap. With so many great attachments hair removal is so simplified.

The Braun Silk Epil 5 SE5780 also comes with a cooling glove to ease any discomfort you may have. This corded device has fully washable attachments and a cleaning brush making it dermatologist approved.

The downside is that this epilator is not wet and dry use, it can only be used dry. However, hair removal couldn’t be more easy and convenient and this makes it one of the best models available.

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Braun Face 810 Facial Epilator Review

The Braun Face 810 Epilator has been designed to help get rid of pesky facial hair. This is not a device meant for other areas of the body. However, it comes with a facial brush attachment to give you a nice, clean facial scrub, as well.

It has a sleek design that allows you to take it anywhere. The Braun Face 810 has ten small openings on top to catch even the finest of facial hairs. This is a great way to increase your beauty regime while removing unwanted hair.

The Braun Face 810 Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush has been approved for use on even sensitive skin by dermatologists.

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Braun Silk Epil 9 9-561 Wet & Dry Cordless Review

This incredible product by Braun features six different attachments and works whether it is wet or dry giving the convenience of many options.

The different attachments include a shaver head, trimmer, cap, facial cap, skin contact cap and massage cap. It is also cordless and comes with a recharging station.

The Braun Silk Epil 9 9-561 uses pulsating vibration with wider heads to remove more hair quickly and with almost no pain. It also features a pivoting head to help manoeuvre it even in tough to reach spots.

It also uses smartlight technology to help find smaller hairs. Overall this is an amazing epilator with proven results that last longer.

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Features to look for when buying an epilator

Corded versus Cordless

This is always a debate with most electronic hair removal devices. The idea of having a cordless and rechargeable version gives you the option to bring the device with you anywhere. However, if it isn’t charged you can’t use it, which is why some people prefer to have a corded epilator. It’s all about preference and convenience. So whether you want a corded or cordless epilator either device is sufficient and has its own pros and cons.

Wet & dry

It’s important to have an epilator that you can use both wet and dry to give you flexibility. Be sure to look for devices that offer both ways.

Massage function

Not all products have a massage function. However, if you are new to this type of hair removal, it may be uncomfortable at first and have a massage function is a bonus that will help ease the pain.


Some models include special attachments for trimming, shaving or massaging. These are great when you want a product that gives you options so you can use for face, body or bikini line areas.


It’s important to have a device that is easy to clean, especially for your hygiene. Some models come with clean brushes and also allow you to wash that different attachments or heads.