Home Health & Beauty Best Razors for Women – the manual option: Buying Guide

Best Razors for Women – the manual option: Buying Guide

Best Razors for Women – the manual option: Buying Guide

Best womens razorMany women prefer the simple, easy way to hair removal. This way may be old school, however, nothing does the job like a razor. There is no need to worry about batteries or power. A razor is always ready to go to work when you are.

There are two main types of razors: disposable, one use razors and more permanent razors that come with extra blades. For this article, we are taking a closer look at razors that come with extra blades.

Most razors for women are designed to manoeuvre to the curvatures of a woman’s body. They also have several blades and a safety guard to help avoid nicks and cuts. Women who use manual razors typically shave with shaving cream or soap and water; this type of lubrication helps the razor glide easily on the surface and aids in preventing razor burn.

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Best Selling Ladies Razors Compared and Reviewed

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Wilkinson Sword Intuition With Variety Blades Review

This razor by Wilkinson is designed to effortlessly follow the contours of your body while giving you a smooth, beautiful shave. The variety pack comes with three different razor blades for sensitive care, dry skin and moisturising.

The Intuition blades are quite thin and consist of 4 blades per razor that naturally flow across your skin for a perfect shave every time. All of the blades have a hydrating and conditioning ribbon on them for added moisturising. This razor has a pivoting head that contours to the body and works great for those hard to reach spaces.

This Intuition razor is also a one of a kind with its 3-1 razor that lathers, shaves and moisturises all at once. It’s a razor that does all the hard work for you while leaving you with great looking skin.

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Gillette Venus and Olay Sugarberry Women’s Razor Review

The Venus and Olay Sugarberry scented razor gives added moisture and hydrates your legs as you shave. It comes with a soft grip and rounded pivoting handle to allow more control and aid in a smoother shave!

Each razor has five blades and a moisturising bar to give you a great shave. Any Venus razor cartridge will fit on this razor handle except for the Simple Venus cartridges. This gives you many options when you are buying new blades. It also comes with a handy shower hook so that you can always have your razor in the shower where you need it the most.

Overall this is a fabulous Venus razor that was built specifically with a woman’s needs in mind. You won’t be disappointed with this razor!

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Gillette Venus Breeze Razor Blades 8 Pack Review

These razor blades consist of five blades and a moisturising bar. They work well with the Gillette Venus Razor, however, these cartridges will work on just about any Venus razor.

The built-in moisturising shave bar makes for a quick and easy shave; just use water and it lathers and shaves great. The blades can be scented or unscented as well.

For a great razor blade that glides easily over your skin and gives you a close shave, buy the Gillette Venus Breeze razors. You are going to love them!

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Features to look for when buying a razor


The razor itself and handle are quite important. A good razor can manoeuvre to the curvatures of a woman’s body. The handle should be made to fit comfortably in a woman’s hand.

Scented or Unscented

Some blades come unscented or scented. If you have allergies to perfumes I suggest going with an unscented blade. If you don’t have an allergy, then it really is up to personal preference whether or not you want to have a scented razor blade.

Number of blades

A woman’s razor blade should have at least 4 blades. Some have five or six. Having more blades makes it easier to shave more hairs at once and gives a closer shave.


Some razor packages come with additional razor blades. It’s always nice to have a few spares as razor blades can get pricey.

Skin Conditioning Ribbons

The top line on many women’s razors is a skin conditioning ribbon or a lotion based soap. This is great for the skin during shaving. Also, it works great if you don’t have shaving cream.

Pivoting Heads

Some of the best ladies razors will come with a head that pivots. This helps it to manoeuvre around the body and legs.

Soft Grip Handle

Several brands of female razors come with a soft grip handle for comfort while you are shaving. It helps you to have a good grip on the razor while not being so harsh on your hands.