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These 5 Best Ukulele Stands Will Last A Lifetime


Ukuleles, with their soft nylon strings and melodious Hawaiian lutes, have charmed music buffs worldwide. It is inexpensive and easy to master, swaying children and experts alike.
If you’re stuck in an undying love for guitar’s petite cousin, spend a few more bucks on the best ukulele stand.
This small tool brings a hassle-free experience. Generally, you can either show off instruments or save them from knocks and scratches. However, a stand looks after the ukulele while everyone looks at it.
The following best ukulele stands will make a proper fit for studios lacking free-standing storage.


Stagg SUVM-A100BK Ukulele Stand

Stagg produces reliable AV accessories. The Belgian manufacturer is among a few brands of the 70s that evolved with musical taste.
SUVM-A100 is an efficient platform for mini-acoustic instruments such as ukes, violin, and mandolin.
Built from steel in an A-frame design, this best ukulele stand is more stable than it appears. Rest assured that it won’t collapse under the weight of the apparatus. However, roaming toddlers or pets can knock it down.
It is one of the most functional units ever to adorn a shelf, not necessarily awe-inspiring.
The stainless steel doesn’t break or buckle, chip or corrode – its matte black finish is another plus! Cut to the portability; the 30-cm high stand folds down to a compact profile. Take it in your gig bag or store it in a little draft.
However, the security is not a solo performance by sturdy construction. Its intelligent locking mechanism also prevents it from tipping over. Two metallic beams are clasped with adjustable legs and locked on hitting a full limit.
Once the hinge lock activates, your ukulele can proudly rest in a smooth cradle.
The stand has two simultaneously moving cradle arms. They feature raised ends and rubber coating. Where it tightly grips the instrument, blemishing the piece with scratches is out of the equation.
This ukulele stand encloses soft rubber pads at all contact points, including the backrest and feet.
The back support column is designed for ukes and other tiny members of the guitar family. An instrument with a larger body will find its neck unsupported and likely to be damaged.
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PlutuX Classical Wood Ukulele Stand

PlutuX Music has engineered A-frame ukulele stands like Stagg – only with a rustic French twist.
Wooden accessories don’t ruin an instrument’s glossy finish yet artistically blend with studio décor. If you’re looking for such add-ons, end your hunt at this classic yet best ukulele stand in the market. It provides free guitar picks, one-month money-back guarantee, and perpetual technical support.
Historically, ash, oak, and maple have been manufacturers’ favorite materials for wooden stands. PlutuX tried a relatively flexible wood of black walnut in 2016. And this innovation worked surprisingly well.
You get a stylish, sleek ukulele stand that suits electric and bass guitars. The 40-cm high apex makes it universally compatible. Also, you can set the width of the legs between 7-9 inches.
It also brings a foldable hinge for convenient storage. The lock is secure, so don’t worry about stumbling gadgets. But it has sharp edges around the joint of metallic beams – one moment unconcerned, a small mark confirmed!
Its foam-padded cradle arms and backrest as well as rubber-coated feet ensure a memorable experience – neither slipping nor leaving scratches over stringed toys.
This lightweight (around 0.8 kg) ukulele stand won’t weigh you down! It comes in two varieties: processed black and wood-colored. You have to assemble it on unwrapping. An accompanying guide and wrench make it the most straightforward job!
Alternatively, you can order a set of elegant wall-mount hooks with adjustable yokes. They save space and accommodate a range of headstocks.
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Hercules UKS100B Auto Grip Ukulele Stand

Hercules of myths accomplished impossible tasks, as has Hercules Stands Company with this release.
Created specifically for ukes, the tripod-styled best ukulele stand incorporates several advanced technologies. Since it’s not another trendy A-frame but a tested three-legged stand, you can’t go wrong with stability.
Let the bumps challenge; it won’t fall, or let your prize ukulele fall once set up correctly. The list of novel features is endless, from the auto grab system to instant height adjustment!
An adjustable reinforced tube arises from the rigid base and is controlled with a clutch. It caters to all types of folk instruments, ranging from standard sopranos to large-sized baritone ukuleles.
Atop this rod sits a firm, stainless steel yoke. Yet the flagship attribute of this jaw-like clasp is its 180-degree movement. It safely locks right after the fretboard slides in. As you lift the ukulele, small jaws open themselves.
You can further apply the HA101S lock kit to prevent theft and damage.
The manufacturer invests in specially formulated foam: rubber pads with nitrocellulose figments. This highly tear-resistant material doesn’t annoy expensive finishes and protects the guitar’s all touchpoints.
Above these things, the stand is made foldable. Its legs and rod plus yoke collapse into a handheld device.
The product claims an above-average price. But considering the exceptional qualities and lifetime warranty makes it a worthy purchase.
Are you still wondering why it shines brighter? This best ukulele stand combines the portability of floor stands with the security of wall-mount hangers.
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Neboic Foldable Stand for Ukuleles and Violins

Neboic has taken A-frame uke and viola support to another level. Its chic wooden stand inspires admiration, either used in jams or placed in racks.
Thanks to solid mahogany wood, it showcases cherry colors and graceful grains. These patterns remain unique to each piece and get more ravishing with age.
There are two edgy pros, prioritizing this best ukulele stand over metal tubed counterparts. First, it doesn’t look like an eyesore in the man cave. And secondly, it lays a gentle structure for your beloved instruments.
Neboic music stand is not another specimen with juvenile multifunctional claims. You’ll find a 13.5-mm deep hole on the left leg. They’ve incorporated a bow holder to fulfill buyers’ expectations when they advertise it as a violin stand.
Meanwhile, it goes with every small guitar – be it a mini bass and mandolin or any size of violin or ukulele.
The single downside is its tedious assembly. The package arrives in four parts with a matching hex key. You have to attach metallic beams and cradle arms with both legs.
The configuration is similar to a typical folding floor stand. It has a durable cradle and a hinge joint, made with stainless steel and covered with soft pads. To preserve the lacquered appearance of instruments, there are long straps of anti-scratch foams along the backrest.
It doesn’t only secure ukuleles but also shield floors with its non-slip rubber feet. The four-way protection repels unnecessary shakes and scruffs.
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CAHAYA X-Shaped Wooden Ukulele Stand

Despite a plethora of advantages, A-frame and traditional tripod stands fail to display your guitar with a class. The fans of Tiny Tim crave unique accessories. And this is where Cahaya’s otherworldly ukulele stand comes in!
The CY lineup features one-step assembly and detachment. There are two polished, forked planes with parallel installation slots.
Together, they form a remarkable X-shaped notch cradle for stringed or bowed instruments. You can use it for ukuleles, banjos, and even massive dreadnoughts.
The upgraded model has resolved security concerns and established itself more than a mere showpiece.
The manufacturer has replaced the fiberboard with stiffer plywood. Although the synthetic material is not natural hardwood, the development has increased plane width up to 12-mm.
It solely contributes to the stand’s stability. Needless to say, plywood is more robust than randomly glued chunks.
Also, thick leather pads cover the entire base to stop it from skidding or scuffing the floor. All edges and curves were already smooth but inflicted friction damage in some cases. Consequently, recent variations of this best ukulele stand include soft coating all over the contact points.
This support stand is undoubtedly stable and durable. However, it doesn’t have any fretboard latch or elongated backrest to hold an instrument against bumps and nudges.
Therefore, it’s more suitable for low-traffic areas and protected music shows.
It’s not usual that a stylish and ultralight design is achieved without sacrificing the dependability of a tool. And Cahaya has made a mark on this turf.
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Definitive Buying Guide For Best Ukulele Stands

You must decide the type of ukulele stand that suits your purpose and place. This decision is influenced by the size of the instrument you have.

Let’s walk through different types of ukuleles and their stands!

A ukulele is a folk instrument with roots in Polynesian culture. However, its resurgence in recent years has diversified its types as well. Following are five major ukuleles, seen with subtle differences in the music industry.
⮚ Soprano Ukulele is the original and famed kind, measured at about 20-inches, and suits young musicians.
⮚ Concert Ukulele has a slightly larger body with wider strings, amplifying sound due to a higher resonance.
⮚ Tenor Ukulele, used mainly by professionals, produces a guitar-like sound and allows complex fingerpicking.
⮚ Baritone Ukulele has the same properties as a Tenor with at least 30-inches in size, making it easier to play for adults.
⮚ Bass Ukulele is a hybrid of soft uke sound and deep-toned classical guitar, enabling a multitude of techniques.
When you have classified your instrument, it’s time to pick an ideal stand type.
⮚ A-frame Stands come with lower prices and many options. They look like an inverted V with a hinge joint between both legs.
⮚ Tripod Stands follow the tried-and-tested structure of a mic stand. They hold the neck of instruments, thus, score well in security.
⮚ Multiple Rack Stands offer dependable support for three or more guitars. They are compulsory for people having vast stock.
⮚ Walk-up Stands support a ukulele in an operable position. They are used during practice sessions or gigs.
⮚ Wall Hooks/Hangers are not particularly a stand but help stow your ukuleles all the same. They are deemed more reliable.

Look out for these four factors before buying a uke stand!

Strike a perfect balance between these critical attributes while staying within your intended price-point.
A stable ukulele stand doesn’t topple over. Otherwise, mounted instruments may damage, witnessing the stand’s failure in its sole duty.
A-shaped frames are less stable in comparison to tripod stands. However, ukuleles are not that heavy. So, a longer and heavier base with a wide opening between legs will adequately compress the center of gravity.
The material used in a stand’s construction ends up determining its lifespan. Steel and wood are commonly found in ukulele stands.
Steel offers more protection and reliability. But it can ruin the shiny varnish of a ukulele if used recklessly. Nitro finishes are especially vulnerable. Wooden frames provide a middle ground.
A secure stand doesn’t let instruments slip. Tripod stands rank high in this matter too. They have a yoke that grabs an instrument from the neck. On the contrary, A-frame stands lack any such mechanism.
Another consideration is the quality of padding. One way or another, the ukulele will touch the stand. There should be ample top-notch foam, rubber, or leather coating on such hotspots.
You need a caretaker for stringed apparatus wherever they go – to a concert, party, or friend next door! Therefore, the best ukulele stands should have low-profile storage and swift transportability.
A-frame foldable stands run the rings around every other type. Due to minimalist configuration, they break down as quickly as they assemble. After all, portability shouldn’t be earned at the cost of other significant characteristics.

Bottom Line

The whole household of chordophones manifests love. In return, we tend to show them some respect. And throwing an ax in any handy corner doesn’t suit melomaniacs.
The best ukulele stand provides steadfast support. It furnishes the look of your instrument, saves it from potential damages, and makes it more accessible during jams. In short, a ukulele stand is a safety deposit box of one’s studio.