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Cloud Nine Straighteners Review


Straighteners are a versatile heated hair styling tool that can be used to straighten or wave, and some of these tools are even able to curl hair. Most straighteners are now made with metal plates that help minimize heat damage on hair. These tools can help create unique styles that don’t have to be permanent.

Choosing a perfect straightener can be difficult, there are many things to consider. How often will you be using the product? What kind of texture do you have? Do you prefer versatility or durability? Different needs will require a different straightener, and there are many great models within a variety of budgets.

In this review we compare three of the best selling and highly rated Cloud Nine straighteners.


Cloud Nine Original review

Cloud Nine OriginalThe Cloud Nine Original straightener is a versatile tool that is slim and made with black ceramic plates. The three different heat settings allows the user to choose what heat is needed for their needs. Course hair may opt for a higher heat to help smooth curl or frizz. Fine or lightened hair may need to use a lower heat to maintain the integrity of the hair.

The Cloud Nine Original straightener also features a swivel chord to make hair styling and moving around in a smaller area, easier. This straightener features a heat safe clip to close the straightener and wrap up as soon as you are finished styling. This straightener is a great pick for versatility and durability, the technology is easy to use and it works great as an on-the-go tool.

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Cloud Nine Wide Plate review

Cloud Nine Wide PlateThe Cloud Nine Wide Plate Black Hair Straightener is a great selection for anyone who is seeking to straighten coarse hair, or large sections of hair quickly.

This straightener has curved edges that are great to use when wanting to design large waves or curls. This Cloud Nine Wide Plate Hair Straightener features an added safety bonus. After thirty minutes of not being in use, this straightener will go into hibernation mode and begin to cool down. This is a great bonus for anyone who has memory issues of any kind!

This straightener is a great travel option because of its ability to convert to a different outlet type. The instructions are also very easy to follow. Even with wide plates, this straightener is still able to be used to create a few other types of hair textures as well.

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Cloud Nine C9 Touch Model review

Cloud Nine C9 TouchThe Cloud Nine C9 Touch Model straightener is a wonderful updated heating tool. This product has black ceramic plates that have been shown to add shine to the hair by helping to seal the hair cuticle.

The heat is mild and the temperature adjusts to suit hair needs. The plates can heat up to 195 degrees but when pressed together cool down to only 165 degrees which is safer for short hair.

This straightener like other Cloud Nine straightener features their traditional swivel chord and curved plates. This tool makes hair styling easier and more ergonomic. This option is a great mid-size plate for those who want to be able to style quickly while still having hair styling options.

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