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DeLonghi DES12 dehumidifier review

DeLonghi DES12 dehumidifier review

DeLonghi DES12 buttonPros: Solid performance with a 2 year warranty. Low energy consumption.

Cons: Lacking in features compared to the competition at this price

Would we buy? A good performer but in our opinion beaten by the feature-packed and modern Ecoair DD122FW MK5 Classic


The DeLonghi DES12 has a £180 RRP which places it at the top end, in terms of price, of the dehumidifiers we reviewed. The DeLonghi has a similar RRP to the Ecoair DD122FW MK5 Classic (£170) so it is interesting to see how these two models compare.

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DeLonghi DES12 water tankCompared to the Ecoair DD122FW MK5 Classic, the DeLonghi DES12 is a compressor model versus the Ecoair desiccant type. This brings with it some pros and cons. Energy consumption is lower on the DeLonghi but weight and noise increase slightly. It is difficult to compare moisture extraction between the Ecoair and DeLonghi model as both manufacturers quote different operating conditions; although the DeLonghi DES12 does have the lowest extraction rate of the DeLonghi units reviewed (excluding the DEM10 compact), although in everyday use its unlikely the difference will be perceivable.

Power consumption on the DeLonghi DES12 is very low at 180 watts (the DeLonghi DNC65 has a power consumption of 520 watts!). Noise levels are average for compressor type units and slightly lower than the cheaper priced models from both DeLonghi and Prem-i-air. The DeLonghi DES12 has a 3 litre water storage tank which, although high in capacity, is typical in this upper end price range.

The DeLonghi DES12 can be operated down to 2oC which will be adequate for most rooms but could be an issue in very cold conservatories.

Like the Ecoair DD122FW MK5 Classic, the DeLonghi DES12 comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.


DeLonghi DES12 carrying handleFor the price (£180 RRP) we consider the DeLonghi DES12 to be lacking in features. The cheaper Ecoair DD122FW MK5 Classic is much more feature-packed. The DeLonghi has a simply rotary dial humidistat which allows you to set the “humidity level”, although in practice this will be guess work. This unit does have a laundry mode, which is set by turning the main rotary dial, allowing the unit to operate in a continuous mode.


The DeLonghi DES12 has a lift-up top carrying handle for easy portability but is a heavy unit at 9kg (the heaviest unit reviewed is the Dimplex DXDH10N Forte at 10.1kg). The Ecoair DD122FW MK5 Classic weighs only 6kg.

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