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Dimplex DXDH10N Forte dehumidifier review

Dimplex DXDH10N Forte dehumidifier review

Dimplex DXDH10N buttonPros: Low price and good performance. Nice design. Simple to use

Cons: Noise and portability could be an issue for some people

Would we buy? If you are looking for a no-nonsense lower priced unit then you cannot go wrong with this model. Currently, our best budget buy


Dimplex has a range of dehumidifiers under the “Forte” brand. All 3 models available are the same design but have different extraction levels. The model that makes it into our Top 10 list is the DXDH10N, which is the entry-level model.

With an RRP price of £145, the Dimplex DXDH10N is one of the lowest priced dehumidifiers reviewed, so how does it compare with more expensive units and do you still get value for money?

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The DXDH10N is a compressor type dehumidifier so has the benefit of lower power consumption levels but the disadvantage of increased noise versus desiccant models. The DXDH10N is rated at 10 litres per day extraction at 30oC/80% relative humidity. This allows it to be compared with the DeLonghi dehumidifier models which are rated at 32oC/80% relative humidity. The closest equivalent model from DeLonghi is the DEM10 compact which also has a 10 litres per day extraction rate but a much higher retail price of £160.

Dimplex DXDH10N frontAs is typical with other lower priced model, the water tank capacity is smaller than the more expensive units at 2.3 litres, however, this is more than the 1.5 litre tank on the Prem-i-Air EH1220 (priced at similar £139 RRP). In terms of power consumption, the DXDH10N is rated at 250 watts, which while lower than desiccant models is on the higher side for a compressor model (the Prem-i-Air EH1220 is rated at 320 watts). Unfortunately, when it comes to noise levels the DXDH10N is the highest level reviewed at 42dB but higher noise levels are typical of the lower priced dehumidifier units (the Prem-i-Air EH1220 has a similar noise level of 41 dB). Some customers have reported that this may prevent the unit from being operated at night, especially in a bedroom.

Another disadvantage of the DXDH10N is the higher operating temperature of 5oC, while this is more than suitable for in-home room use, you need to consider the temperature range if using in a cold conservatory over winter.


At this price point, you will not get a feature-packed dehumidifier unit. The Dimplex DXDH10N does have a rotary humidistat control which allows you to set the humidity level desired and the unit will shut off automatically when this is reached. That’s it though, no laundry settings or other features. As a low priced basic unit though, this is probably all you will need. The DXDH10N can be connected to a drain (hose is not supplied).


The DXDH10N has side carrying handles which are not as easy to use as the top handles on most other dehumidifiers. Also, at 10.1kg the DXDH10N is the heaviest unit reviewed. Compressor models tend to weigh more so this could be an issue if you tend to move the unit regularly, although the DXDH10N does have castors so it can be moved around a room easily.

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