Home In The Home Ecoair DD122FW MK5 Classic dehumidifier review

Ecoair DD122FW MK5 Classic dehumidifier review

Ecoair DD122FW MK5 Classic dehumidifier review

EcoAir DD122FW MK5 ClassicPros: Good mid-priced dehumidifier with good performance and excellent features. Timer function. 2 year warranty

Cons: No major negative areas but just watch using “high” modes for long periods (to avoid big electricity bills)

Would we buy? Yes! This is a well priced, high performing unit but its the list of features that make this unit stand out. Currently our “best buy”

In terms of RRP price (£170), The Ecoair DD122FW MK5 Classic sits in the middle of the three Ecoair units reviewed. We like this unit as it is bang up-to-date with great features and a modern design.

So how does it perform?

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EcoAir DD122FW MK5 Classic carrying handleThe DD122FW MK5 can extract up to 7 litres of water per day (at 20oC/60% relative humidity) which puts it on par with the £20 cheaper DD122FW Mk4 but is 30% less than the higher priced Ecoair DD322FW Simple. As this unit uses desiccant technology then the noise is low at 34dB but energy consumption is high at between 390-630 watts (depending on operating mode used).

This Ecoair model features a 2 litre water tank which is typical for this price range, it’s only when you start paying over £180 RRP that the size increases to 3 litres or above. The DD122FW MK5 can also be operated between 1oC and 40oC so is useful for use in a cold room or conservatory during the winter months.

The DD122FW MK5 dehumidifier also comes with a 2 year manufactures warranty for peace of mind.


Ecoair DD122FW MK5 Classic dehumidifier controlsThis is where the DD122FW MK5 scores strongly. This particular model has an electronic control panel that allows the dehumidifier to have many useful features. These include 3 normal dehumidifying modes – High, Economy and Auto. Each mode setting will shut off the dehumidifier when a certain preset humidity level is reached. High mode is very useful if you are using for the first time in a very damp room whereas the auto setting provides maximum energy efficiency and quieter operation.

The DD122FW MK5 also has 2 laundry drying modes, Quick and normal. The quick mode will dry clothes faster but both modes should be used sparingly to reduce energy consumption.

There is also a timer function which has 2, 4 or 8 hour preset shut-off timings which is great if you need to leave the unit operating during the night or when you are out of the house. The air outlet louvres can also be electronically controlled in the ‘wide’, ‘front’ or ‘up’ positions. A final feature on the DD122FW MK5 is a built-in Ioniser. This will recharge negative ions for purer air, however, we are not fully convinced of the benefits but this feature will saving you buying a separate ioniser.

Like with most dehumidifiers tested, the DD122FW MK5 can be permanently connected to an outlet drain via a hose.


As with all Ecoair dehumidifiers, this is a light unit weighing in at only 6kg, only the £190 RRP DeLonghi DNC65 is lighter at 5.5kg. The DD122FW MK5 also features a lift-up carrying handle for increased portability.

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