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Ecoair DD322FW Simple dehumidifier review

Ecoair DD322FW Simple dehumidifier review

Ecoair DD322FW Simple buttonPros: High performing unit. Has all the features you would need. 2 year warranty

Cons: Expensive. Portability may be an issue for some

Would we buy? This is one of the most expensive dehumidifiers reviewed but has all the features and performance you would expect at this price. If you intend to use in a larger room or need the extra features then this should be on your “to buy” list

The DD322FW Simple is one of the 3 Ecoair dehumidifier units we reviewed and with a RRP of £200 is the highest price unit (along with the Delonghi DES16E) reviewed.

So how does the DD322FW compare to the other Ecoair units and the other (and cheaper) Top 10 dehumidifier units?

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The DD322FW Simple has a rated extraction of 10 litres per day at 20oC/RH60% which makes it the best performing Ecoair dehumidifier reviewed (and the most expensive!). It is not possible to directly compare the extraction rate with the Delonghi units as these use compressor technology which are rated at a higher 32oC/80% humidity. The DD322FW Simple, like the rest of the Ecoair range tested, uses desiccant technology which will mean a quieter operating noise but higher energy consumption.

Ecoair DD322FW Simple water tankThe water tank on the DD322FW Simple has a capacity of 3.5 litres which is the highest of all the unit reviewed. The DD322FW Simple is not the quietest dehumidifier tested at 36dB but is very comparable with other units and you are unlikely to notice the difference. Energy consumption on this dehumidifier is high at 400-720 watts (depending on mode used), but again similar to other desiccant dehumidifier models. This unit can also be used down to 1oC temperature.

Please also note that there is a 2 year warranty on this model.


Ecoair DD322FW Simple panelBeing the most expensive unit reviewed you would expect a lot of features on the DD322FW Simple. The DD322FW Simple has a rotary humidistat controller which can be set to high, medium or low humidity levels and will then switch off when the desired level is reached. There is also a laundry setting which allows the unit to run continuously.

This Ecoair model also has a “Turbo” mode which operates the unit at a higher temperature and fan speed but we would not recommend using this setting for long periods of time due to electricity consumption. Another nice feature of the DD322FW Simple is that you can manually adjust the top air outlet louvre to direct the air flow. As with most dehumidifiers, this unit can also be permanently connected to a drain hose.


The DD322FW Simple weight in at an average 8.5kg however this model does not have an integrated carrying handle or castor wheels so some people may find it a nuisance moving from one room to another.

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