Home Garden Honda Izy HRG 416 SK Lawnmower Review

Honda Izy HRG 416 SK Lawnmower Review

Honda Izy HRG 416 SK Lawnmower Review

Self-propelled lawnmowers are the go-to lawnmower for standard-sized lawns and gardens, because they’re easy to use and convenient to store in your garage or tool shed.

Top features

Recoil start

The recoil start features an auto-choke system, which makes it much easier than standard recoil starters. This easier starting is ideal for people with arthritis or back problems who have trouble starting a standard push mower.


The Izy HRG 416 is self-propelled by its powerhouse 160cc OHC four-stoke GCV160 Honda engine to make lawnmowing less like a heavy chore and more like a nice bit of light exercise. If your property features hills or slopes, a self-propelled lawnmower is definitely the way to go, because it will reduce your fatigue exponentially.

16-inch cutting width

The cutting deck is made with steel for durability while the cutting width itself is 16 inches. This enables you to tackle your lawn much more quickly than if the blades were smaller, because it reduces how many passes you have to take through your yard with the mower.

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The Izy HRG 416 lives up to its self-propelled claims. Pushing the mower uphill is a breeze, and it runs quietly so noise isn’t so much of an issue. The 16-inch blades along with the 13-gallon grass bag make mowing a medium sized lawn a piece of cake.

Also, a big point in the HRG 416’s favour is that grass doesn’t really clog things up below the cutting deck which can be an issue with some mowers, which we’ve found makes the overall mowing experience that much more pleasant and less chore-like, because who wants to deal with that?


The only issue we noticed with the Izy HRG 416 is that when we first started it, it took a few tries to get the engine to start. While the auto-choke does make the recoil cord easier to operate, this was a little disheartening. However, on subsequent testing, we found the engine started on the first time with no problem. So, was it a fluke or did it just need to be broken in?

We’re not sure, but we’re pretty satisfied with the fact that the problem didn’t persist, so we advise if you run into this problem to just simply try again. Now, obviously if it doesn’t start at all or the difficult starting problem continues, the best thing to do in that case is to call the manufacturer, because it could simply be a faulty cord, which should be an issue they can handle as long as it’s under warranty.


Overall, the Izy HRG 416 handles really well. Aside of the slight hiccup during the first use, everything went along smoothly after that both literally and metaphorically. This is one of the smoothest running mowers we’ve ever tested, which is why we recommend it to those who like a quiet engine or simply just want a good lawnmower. Either way, we think you’ll be satisfied with the Izy HRG 416.

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