Manduca First Baby Carrier Review: is it the right one for you?

Good points: Very adaptable as your child grows. Ergonomic and comfortable to use. Nice adjustable backrest feature. Some use of organic materials

Not so good: No forward facing option. Can be difficult to put on (adjusting straps) and take off (safety belt clip)

Our verdict: The Manduca is a competitively priced, quality 3-in-1 baby carrier. The 4-way Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One offers more carrying options but is nearly 30% more expensive.

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The Manduca baby carrier is a great baby carrier for parents looking to keep the same carrier as their child grows. It’s suitable for children from 3.5kg (7.7lbs) to 20kg  (44lbs) and can be used as either a front (baby facing you), hip or back carrier. For newborns, the parent can place the child securely facing him/her, and the added hood gives the child privacy from other people and it helps to block out noise.

As your child grows the parent can adjust the carrier to have the child sit on the back or on the hip. The back setting is the perfect option for parents who enjoy going on hikes or long walks and this carrier ensures your child stays close while also taking in the view. The hip setting works well for parents who are trying to get “hands free” jobs done while having a child who likes to still stay close.

In terms of comfort and construction, the Manduca has padded shoulder pads with three way adjustment and is ergonomic on the waist so as to avoid placing strain on an adult’s body. It’s also nice to see that the inner liner is made from 100% organic cotton (the outer layer is made from an organic cotton and hemp mix). The Manduca Baby Carrier comes in a wide variety of colours and some limited edition designs as well.

The backrest on the Manduca is adjustable and can be zipped and unzipped to allow your child a better view or to provide more cover when your child is sleeping.

There is one thing to be aware of when purchasing this carrier. There is no outward facing option and this is important because as a child ages they may want to be facing out while being carried. The carrier can also be a bit tricky to put on if you are carrying the child on the back; some people may require additional assistance from another adult. Finally, the chest area of the carrier can be constraining depending on the size of the child and chest.

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Also worth considering

The Manduca Baby Carrier is typically around the same price as the 4-way Bjorn Baby Carrier One Air, however, the Baby Bjorn carrier can also be used as a forward facing front carrier.

Another option if looking at 3-way carriers is the Ergo Baby Original Baby Carrier, which has a similar price and weight range as the Manduca.