Home Kitchen Matstone juicer review: how good is the 6-in-1?

Matstone juicer review: how good is the 6-in-1?

Matstone juicer review: how good is the 6-in-1?

Good points: Cold press masticating juicer makes great, nutritional juice. Multifunctional – not just a juicer. Nice retro looks and colours. Very easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. Quiet motor.

Not so good: Much cheaper and more powerful models available. Most fruit and vegetables have to be chopped before juicing.

Our verdict: Great for those looking for cool retro styling and high-quality juice. However, there are cheaper models out there. Read more in our Matstone juicer review below.

Features at-a-glance:

  • Masticating juicer with 80 RPM cold press
  • 200w motor
  • Great range of uses
  • Typical price: around £180

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The Matstone 6 in 1 is a very highly rated juicer (currently scoring 4.8 out of 5.0 on Amazon customer reviews) and although it costs nearly £180 it performs well to help justify its price. Its main selling point is that this is no “ordinary” juicer; its a sorbet, smoothie and baby food maker, it can also make nut butters and oils from seeds, it minces meat, fish and herbs and with an additional attachment can make pasta and noodles from dough! Its great to have this versatility but in reality, most people are likely to use it solely as a juicer.

Matstone-juicer-review-frontThis Matstone model is a masticating juicer and they work differently from a centrifugal juicer; a slow turning cold press squeezes out juice and goodness from fruits and vegetables. The reduced friction (when compared to a centrifugal juicer) reduces the heat and so results in a higher quality of juice along with maximising the nutrients retained.

The juice auger on the Matstone turns at a low 80 revolutions per minute which not only gives great nutritional quality but also means that the juice has a longer “shelf life” and can be stored for up to 24 hours (as less heat is transferred into the liquid when juicing).

Masticating juicers generally have lower powered motors than centrifugal juicers and the motor output on the Matstone is 200w. While this is low compared to some other models in this price range it does makes this appliance very quiet. The Matstone also has a small footprint and weighs in at 6.6kg, which although lightweight, is still easy to manage due to the integrated carrying handle.

It’s stylish too, coming in very retro cream and burgundy colours, and with a 12-year guarantee on the motor and 5-year guarantee on the parts its got a lot going for it. The Matstone is also pretty easy to clean as it’s very quick to disassemble the parts after use. However, it does have a downside; the Matstone has a small chute which means anything you put down it has to be chopped which can seem like a chore in comparison to other juicers that can take a whole fruit with no prepping or chopping.

Overall though this is a pretty impressive machine. It’s easy to assemble and clean, it produces an outstanding quality of juice and with all of the other added extras, it makes a very handy kitchen aid.

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