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Redefining Form and Function with Morphy Richards Redefine Kettle

Redefining Form and Function with Morphy Richards Redefine Kettle

Morphy Richards Redefine KettlePros: with stunning looks and a built-in limescale filter, Morphy Richards embraces Duran thermoglass technology to create a kettle that’s functional and stylish.

Cons: this is a relatively expensive kettle. Glass kettle prices start at around £30, the Redefine is listed at nearly £100, but shares many basic features with less expensive models.

Summary: quality craftsmanship and cutting edge design come together in the Morphy Richards’ Redefine Kettle. This stylish kettle is backed by Morphy Richard’s two year replacement guarantee

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Morphy Richards Redefine Kettle Review

Morphy-Richards-108000-Redefine-Kettle-boilingThe Morphy Richards Redefine kettle simply looks good, with clean lines and illuminated Duran Schott thermoglass; its modern design is at home in contemporary kitchens.

Duran Schott thermoglass technology allows you to actually see the water boil, and its sleek design and internal cord storage help maintain clutter-free countertops.

Like many kettles in its class, the Redefine has a built in limescale filter for removing sediment and mineral deposits, in this model, the filter is encased in the lid. Other features include a concealed element for easy cleaning, water level and power indicator, and an illuminated water gauge. The 360° Cordless base has self-contained cord storage and nonslip feet.

With 2200W of power, it boasts a quiet, rapid boil and has a generous 1.5 litre capacity. The automatic shut off offers boil dry protection and prevents damage to the kettle if it is turned on while empty.

Slick design and functionality really do come together with the Redefine. The Redefine has an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip and a fully removable lid. The lift-out lid makes filling easier than in some other models. The Redefine also has an invisible spout design for precise pouring. Plus, the kettle is backed by Morphy Richards’ two year replacement guarantee.

Why glass?
Morphy-Richards-Redefine-Kettle-Glass-BodyIn recent years glass kettles rose in popularity over concerns of chemical leeching and off-tastes from plastic and metal. Glass is an inert substance, and will not harbour bacteria or fungi, making it an easy surface to clean.

German-made Duran Schott glass is designed to withstand high temperatures; Duran is a leading global glassware provider for commercial, laboratory, and consumer applications.

Comparison to similar models

Glass kettles sell on Amazon starting at around £30, whereas the Morphy Richards Redefine is listed at nearly £100, and most share common features such as 360 degree base, auto shut off and boil dry protection.

Horwood SEA31 1.7 Litre Glass KettleComparable models include the Horwood SEA31 1.7 Litre kettle, currently selling for half the price of the Redefine. The Horwood has a slightly larger capacity at 1.7 litres as opposed to the 1.5 litre capacity of the Redefine, and it is also made from Duran Schott thermoglass.

It shares many basic features common to this price point, such as 360 degree design, illuminated boiling and auto shut off. However, the Horwood has a flip-up lid and folding limescale filter, both of which interfere with your ability to actually fill the kettle – you need to angle the tap carefully to fill it, and the folding filter falls in the way.

The removable lid on the Morphy Richards Redefine solves this design flaw, as the limescale filter is built into the lid, for sleek design and unobtrusive filtering. The Redefine is also an improvement on Morphy Richards’ Accents Pyramid, a classically shaped electric kettle, which, in the convention of stovetop kettles has an overhanging handle. The overhanging handle forces the user to slide it beneath a water tap to fill, as the handle position prevents you from filling the kettle from any other container such as a measuring cup or water jug.

The offset handle of the Redefine and easy to lift lid improve this flaw. To fill the Redefine, you simply lift the lid straight up and remove it entirely, allowing you to fill from a tap or another container easily.

The Bottom Line – You get what you pay for

Long-time household electronics manufacturer, the Morphy Richards company is a British institution with a tradition of upstanding quality and innovative design. This partnership with Duran Schott glassware brings Morphy Richards’ electronic expertise with Duran’s innovative glassware technology, and all products are fully backed by Morphy Richards’ two year replacement guarantee.

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