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Prem-i-Air EH1220 dehumidifier review

Prem-i-Air EH1220 dehumidifier review

Pros: Good performance for price

Cons: Lacking in features. No humidistat. Small water tank. Noise

Would we buy? This is a fairly simple but good performing unit. It’s one one of the lowest priced units tested but in our view the Dimplex DXDH10N Forte is the better budget buy

UK-based Prem-i-Air have a large range of both domestic and commercial dehumidifiers but only one makes it into our Top 10 dehumidifier list, the EH1220 12L Compressor Dehumidifier.

The Prem-i-Air EH1220 is one of the cheapest units we reviewed having an RRP of £139 (only the Dimplex  DXDH10N Forte has a lower RRP at £130).

So does the lower price mean a lack of performance and features?

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The EH1220 has an extraction rate of 12 litres per day which sits firmly in the middle of the models we have reviewed. This dehumidifier uses a compressor rather than a desiccant unit so as would be expected noise levels are higher than desiccant dehumidifiers; the EH1220 has one of the highest noise levels of the units reviewed at 41dB and some customers comment that the unit can be noisy so may not be suitable for use in bedrooms overnight.

One of the downsides of the EH1220 is its small water tank size of only 1.5 litres (smallest reviewed) which may mean you are emptying the tank on a more frequent basis and this is a comment made by several customers. Power consumption, at 320 watts, is also high for a compressor unit (the similar priced Dimplex DXDH10N Forte has a power rating of 250 watts).


Prem-i-air EH1220 panelWhen it comes to features, the Prem-i-air EH1220 is a fairly basic unit. There is no hydrostatic control, simply a power button and water tank level warning light. These makes it easy to use straight out of the box but does not allow the user to adjust the humidity settings and therefore the unit is only operating at one speed all the time. There is no humidity cut-off on this unit so it will keep running until its water tank is full, which makes it less energy efficient. There is also no full speed laundry setting on the EH1220 so this might not be ideal for those looking for a unit to dry washing.


When it comes to moving this unit the EH1220 has an integrated top carrying handle but no castor wheels to aid portability. The unit’s weight sits in the middle of the dehumidifiers we reviewed at 8.5kg.

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