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Remington IPL6500 iLight Pro Review




Pros: The Remington !PL6500 uses intense pulsating light to remove unwanted hair by getting at the root of the problem, it reduces up to 66% of unwanted hair permanently in 12 month. It’s convenient to use at home and gives you amazing results.


Cons: This product does not work well on lighter hair including gray, white, blond and red. It also works better on lighter skin tones. It gets rid of most hair permanently, but not all hair may work for this. Please check with the manufacturer before purchasing.


Summary: This device from Remington is proven to remove unwanted hair on your face and body by using IPL technology. It comes with an attachment to help remove delicate facial hair. The Remington IPL 6500 iLight Pro Hair Removal device allows you to have salon-style results while being cost effective.


Review of Product

IPL technology uses pulsating light much like a laser to remove hair at the root. It is effective at reducing hair permanently while being safe and cost efficient. The Remington IPL 6500 has many wonderful features that allow this to be a great home device.


Facial Attachment

This Remington device has a specialized attachment that goes with it for your facial hair and more delicate body hair. This makes it easier to get those hard to reach areas and reduces mild side effects.



The Remington 6500 is corded so you never have to charge it or change batteries. It can conveniently go where you go.


Replacement Cartridges

This device comes with an infinity bulb so no replacement bulbs are ever needed. Just plug it in and go to work.


Energy Levels

It comes with 5 energy settings so that you can customize it to you. For more sensitive areas, such as your bikini line use lower settings and higher settings for areas like your legs. T



This device is gentle on skin for both men and women. It works great on all types of body and facial hair, including back hair, nose hair and unwanted chin hair. No longer do you need a product for him and her.



The fact that you can use this device in your home and you do not have to charge it or replace batteries makes this a super convenient device. It is lightweight and portable. So take it on the go with you to the gym or even on vacation.



This device is clinically proven to remove hair safely without any bad side effects. Dermatologists recommend this for safe, effective hair removal. This device shows results comparable to professional services.