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What Do Dehumidifiers Do

What Do Dehumidifiers Do

What Do Dehumidifiers DoA dehumidifiers only job is to remove moisture from the air around you. It does this by drawing air into a machine, then it removes the excess moisture before releasing dry air back into your home. The moisture is collected in a tank that you have to empty occasionally.

We need moisture and humidity in the air to survive. However, too much moisture can cause problems. If you notice you are overly hot and sticky, and sweaty there is probably too much moisture in the air of your home. Also, if you see signs of window condensation, water spots on ceiling, mould, mildew or smell a musty odour you probably need to buy a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers Help With

● relieving stuffy or runny noses
● allergies
● mould and mildew
● condensation
● itchy watery eyes

Things To Watch For With A Dehumidifier

While too much moisture in the air can create problems, too little moisture can create just as many problems. Be sure to watch out for the following signs that your air is too dry:

● Skin dryness
● Chapped and cracking lips
● Sore throat
● Peeling paint in the house
● Nosebleeds
● Wood floors and fixtures that are cracking

If you see any of these signs you made need to turn you dehumidifier down to a lower setting or turn it off for a while. If your humidity level in the house is lower than normal, consider looking into a humidifier to add the moisture back into your home.

Types of Dehumidifiers

● Portable dehumidifiers
● Basement dehumidifiers
● Whole home, stationary dehumidifiers
● Heat pump dehumidifiers
● Dehumidifying Ventilators

Before you purchase a dehumidifier for your home, please be sure to research and understand the type of dehumidifier you need for your current situation. You can buy a dehumidifier for a certain room or you can have it install with your current HVAC system to help monitor humidity levels in your entire home. If you have any questions be sure to talk to someone who specializes in dehumidifiers. Our dehumidifier buying guide can also help you choose the right dehumidifier.